Moss Piglet is a newsletter about learning how to be myself after a lifetime of trying to be any other person.

Moss Piglet was a featured Substack publication this year.

Growing up, I found the social side of life really difficult. I turned to alcohol to help, but that became its own problem. At 33 I got sober, and at 37 I discovered I was autistic. I also have inattentive ADD.


Which kinda explained the struggle for all those years.

This newsletter is about how to accept yourself, trauma, disability, gifts and all. Moss Piglet contains 4 sections, currently:

Beautiful Hangover about learning to live and love sober.

Polite Robot about getting a late diagnosis of autism.

When the Earth Could Breathe, a novel in instalments.

The name Moss Piglet stems from the humble (and microscopic) but crucial tardigrade, who we can all learn from. Over the coming months I hope to bring more of my thoughts about rewilding, permaculture and the climate crisis into the mix, too.

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Idea for new merch.

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Yeah, but who am I?

I’m an award-winning YA novelist and a senior lecturer in Creative Writing at UWE. Here’s a rave review of my first book, Infinite Sky, in the Guardian.

I’m working on a new book about getting sober and how plants and animals helped me heal, as well as a new YA book about time travel in a forest.


Oh, and if you find you enjoy my writing and believe writers deserve to be paid, then consider taking out a subscription.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if there’s anything you want me to cover. <3

Chelsey x

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