Polite Robot is a newsletter about better understanding autism in women

Polite Robot is the name of my ultimate masking persona.

This newsletter is about learning a different, more authentic way.

Growing up, I heard people call me:



Too sensitive.


No sense of humour!

Nobody seemed to ‘get’ me (except my dad.) By the time I was eleven, I was sick of being told that I just needed to ‘try harder’. I rebelled instead. It felt like nothing I did was ever good enough, and the rules didn't make sense, so what was the point in making so much effort to follow them?

At 37, I got a diagnosis of autism.

This explained A LOT.

This newsletter is about the process of coming to terms with this diagnosis. As I learn about autism I will share the lessons with you.

I will attempt to answer questions like:

How can we stop using our limited energy on things that make no sense? (Group socials, I’m looking at you.)

How can I build a life that works to my strengths without becoming a hermit? (Genuine question. Also, do I even need to? What’s wrong with being a hermit?)

How can we own our difference, contribute to our communities and be true to ourselves without burning out?

Subscribe if you want to join me on my quest to live the good life with Autism, and all the fun mental health conditions, addictions, relationship issues and family difficulties that can so often come along for the ride. <3

It sounds heavy, but I promise to make it fun. Mostly with silly drawings.

New posts every week!

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Forward this to friends or family who need it. Help is out there, and I’m determined to find it!

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Who am I?

I’m an award-winning YA novelist and lecturer in Creative Writing. Here’s a rave review of my first book, Infinite Sky, in the Guardian.

I also write a newsletter about getting sober called Beautiful Hangover.

Thanks for reading. <3

Chelsey x

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