So, did you see the sunrise this morning? :) Thanks for sharing the article - interesting ideas. This resonates a lot: "we disassociate with the natural child-like brilliance of openness, surrender, and trust". On the idea of saying yes and no, it's funny because I've been thinking about that but in a different way. Trying to understand how to give myself grace, or give grace to others. I think saying yes to things that are just for you, or no to other things, is similar to giving grace, and is part of finding self acceptance. This is what I'm writing about at the moment. Looking forward to see where this takes you.

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Dec 31, 2021Liked by Chelsey Flood

Hell yes! Good article - I have been thinking similar things recently. Actually sounds like I am in a similar place thought-wise and intention-wise so I am going to take your email as confirmation I am on the right path and should keep going. Thank you! Just wish I could do the getting up early - I keep trying though haha

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