Our conversation helped me stop over-explaining my choice.
Reflections on consciousness, newts, gardening and sobriety
When sad times strike, I find solace in the garden.
39 Years Old, 5.5 years sober, 1.5 years Actually Autistic, and I finally nailed it.
To what extent does music have the power to make us feel better?
I have a tendency not to see the woods for the trees. My partner gets frustrated with me because I start intense conversations just at the moment he is…
I’ve written thousands of words on the subject of whether or not I am an alcoholic. Because I got sober with AA, I needed to identify as an alcholic in…
Week 2 of the YES/NO unmasking challenge
Can this simple method for finding our true self work?
Join me in a year of unmasking, and find a more authentic you 🥳 🤷 🥰 🤔
Clare Davey interviews me about alcohol and my research around masking and autism, too.
Winter reflections on creativity and life.